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Under The Great Wide Open

A Cross-Disciplinary Workshop for Wintersession 2016

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Collaboration is not only about working together toward a common goal, but it also develops new tools for our own process.  It is in this active creative process that we can learn the most about ourselves.  Immersing ourselves in an all-consuming moment, we can focus on ideas and questions more than the product.  It is inside these questions that we can continue to evolve creatively.  Just when we think we have the answer, it might be the time to question our assumptions.  Art can be an ephemeral practice made real.

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UNDER THE GREAT WIDE OPEN began as an experimental workshop between Parsons School of Design and The New School for Drama addressing the theme of Internet and Identity. Using the theatre concepts of rehearsal, dramaturgy, and character study together with the art and design concepts of ideation and prototyping, an exciting new language began to develop. This work became a successful class between the two schools that continues to this day: 


"Crossing the lines of art practice and thinking, I bring my storytelling tools from theatre and film to my classes at Parsons School of Design. My attempt, as a creative person, is to practice what I teach."

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A collaborative workshop between RISD Wintersession and Brown Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

The Granoff Center, Providence, Rhode Island

January 6th -16th, 2016

Open Studios: Saturday, January 16th, 1-4 p.m.